Web Development & User Experience


Virtual Reality Property Marketing (VRPM) are a startup who create incredible virtual tours of properties using VR technology. Based in London, VRPM work with a range of companies such as estate agents, letting cottages, architects and many more, bringing properties to life in a way that would never be possible with images. When Alex from VRPM first approached us, he already had a competent website but needed some refinement and new features to maximise user experience.

The Problem
One of the first issues we needed to tackle on the VRPM website was the lack of a consistent format when embedding tours. VRPM use a tool called Matterport to compile their tours but the previous developer had left no system in place to be used by the team at VRPM when uploading new content. Furthermore the portfolio page was inconsistent and difficult to edit. For a business like VRPM whose work speaks for itself, having a simple and easy-to-navigate portfolio is essential. The final problem we needed to tackle was the user experience on mobile devices when viewing tours. Matterport's tours were responsive out of the box but the pages they were being displayed on weren't optimised for mobile.

At Winn-Brown & Co. we understand that time is valuable so when working on development projects like this, we always prioritise the most important issues. In this case it was the portfolio page that needed consistent structure and an easy way for Alex and his team to upload content. We coded a new Wordpress 'page template' that automatically split the portfolio of work into two columns, making it as easy to navigate as possible for the user. We also came up with a photoshop template that could be used to create the video thumbnails consistently. These clicked through to another new template we built that hosts the tours in a 'fullscreen' mode. The slimmed-down navigation bar makes it easy to get back to the main site but also hides unnecessary links to keep the focus on the portfolio piece. Aside from this we refined the experience on mobile devices by ensuring that all tours are responsive and easy to navigate no matter what device they are viewed on.

It's safe to say that since the redevelopment of the website, VRPM have gone from strength to strength. Content posted on social media platforms link seamlessly through to the website and as a direct result booking numbers have increased significantly. We love watching our clients go on to be really successful in their fields and we're sure it won't be long until VRPM are the market leaders in virtual reality property tours.  

"Dylan has been incredible on two websites for me.  The design ideas and speed of response always make each job easy, he doesn't use overly technical language and will teach you how to use the back end of the site. I have recommended Dylan myself and the feedback has always been good." – Alex Jones, Co-Founder at VRPM