Web Design & Development


Refined Roadwear are a startup who create high-performing clothing for the fashion conscious cyclist. The London-based company with a ‘passion for fashion’ are hoping to revolutionise the cycling clothing market with their unique pieces. We were initially approached by Refined Roadwear to build their online ecommerce store but we have continued to work with them, advising on digital marketing and social media strategies.

The Problem
From our experience, we have learnt that the key to a successful ecommerce store is a fantastic user experience. The more steps a customer has to take from landing on the website to checkout, the more likely they are to abandon their cart. As well as this and with so much competition, an ecommerce store has to look gorgeous. The ‘look and feel’ of a company should be consistent across social media platforms, the website and even the products. A final point to consider when creating an online store is a back-end system that’s appropriate for the job. For Refined Roadwear, this didn’t need to be particularly complex in functionality, but it did need to be quick, efficient and rock-solid.

Our process for the Refined Roadwear store started with the selection of the back-end system that would be used to manage products, inventory and orders. The clients wanted a no-fuss system that was user-friendly (both for the admin team and for customers) leading to a joint decision of Squarespace. At this point we were able to start looking at how best we could represent Refined Roadwear visually. We wanted to create something that matched their branding – bright, bold, and simple. The “Marta” Squarespace theme served as the perfect base for this project and it quickly came to life when populated with our selection of images. Some further tweaks were made to the template to ensure a perfect fit with Refined Roadwear’s brand image before testing. At this point the site was ready to go live but in order to make the most of every customer that landed on the site, a Mailchimp campaign was setup. This proved to be a positive addition to the site, allowing the team at RR to send out regular newsletters to previous customers and potentially interested buyers.

With Refined Roadwear positioning themselves in such a competitive industry, it would be fair to say that sales were slow to start with. That said, after some digital marketing/social media consulting sessions and PPC adverts, order numbers have now begun to increase with several international shipments. The key takeaway from this project for both RR and ourselves was that for startups in fashion, advertising is what makes the difference between success and failure.