Druthers Search

User Experience & Web Design


Druthers Search are a company who provide ‘mid to executive level recruitment across the technology and digital industries’. Based in London and with over 25 years of experience, they partner with both clients and candidates to provide a truly bespoke service. They first contacted Winn-Brown & Co. after building their own website and realising they required some assistance to enhance user experience and cohesion with their brand image.

The Problem
When we first looked at the site, it became clear that whilst the majority of content was already in place, the user experience wasn’t as slick as it could have been. The page structure was somewhat confusing and the stock images that had been used didn’t sit well with their high-end corporate clients. We knew that with a few minor tweaks we could turn the client’s website into something that not only represented them more accurately but also worked effectively as a marketing tool.

We knew that the Druthers Search website didn’t need much work before it would be ready but as with most user experience projects, it is simply a case of trial and error. We started by re-structuring and re-naming the pages throughout the site and particularly in the navigation bar to ensure that users could find the information they wanted quickly and easily. From here we began to tackle the brand image that was portrayed through the site. Druthers Search work primarily with high-end corporate clientele and we knew that the website needed to represent this.  We sourced new and more professional images to be used throughout the site, adjusted several of the page layouts and reworded key pieces of text to be more engaging. The final area of the website we tackled was its usability on mobile devices. With most internet traffic now coming from phones and tablets, it’s vital that a website looks as good and functions as well on mobile as it does on desktop. With some changes to the page layouts, we were able to ensure that mobile users are guided through the site as seamlessly as they are on desktop.

Since completing the project, Druthers Search have repeatedly had great feedback from prospective clients not only on the design of the site but also on how well the diversity message is communicated throughout. Maintaining and reinforcing our clients’ brand image is something that is always at the forefront of our mind when building digital assets. The site has already proved itself as an effective tool for bringing new clients on board and we wish the team at Druthers Search the very best of luck!

“We started working with Dylan as we had a basic site but wanted to make it polished and professional. I am completely non-technical, but Dylan was able to advise and educate me on content and basic site design. He was great to work with, always quick to respond and make any requested changes, whilst keeping us updated on his progress every step of the way. Our site looks so much better, and it’s now one I am proud to show off! I’d highly recommend Dylan to anyone looking to design a new site or improve an existing one.” – Kiri O’Brien, Director at Druthers Search