An Introduction

Welcome to the Winn-Brown & Co. knowledge centre - a collection of articles, insights and guides on how professional services firms can utilise digital marketing strategies to generate lifelong clients. Whether you're a partner in a law firm or a financial adviser, we're delighted to have you here and we hope that you'll find our knowledge centre to be a useful, insightful resource. In the meantime, we'd like to tell you a bit about who we are, what kind of content we'll be publishing and why digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for thousands of firms throughout the UK.

Who are you?
Winn-Brown & Co. is a web design and digital marketing agency based in London that primarily work with clients who operate in professional services. Founded by entrepreneur Dylan Winn-Brown in 2015, Winn-Brown & Co's story began as a one-man-show offering web design services to anyone and everyone. It quickly became clear however, that a functional and well designed website is only the first step towards a successful online strategy. Despite the dynamic digital environment, we noticed a 'gap in the market' whereby there were very few digital marketing agencies who specialised and truly understood the needs of professional services firms and their clients. We now have our very own {virtual} team of contractors - each experts in their respective field and are forecasting significant growth for the rest of 2018.

What can I expect?
Our knowledge centre has one aim - to provide valuable advice and information on digital marketing strategies for partners and directors of professional services firms. We will be publishing bi-weekly articles on subjects such as: different digital marketing strategies; their pros and cons, why digital marketing is a worthwhile investment, how you can target your ideal client and website do's and dont's. We are always on the lookout for new content ideas so if you'd like our opinion on a specific topic, feel free to contact us and we may feature it in an article. The content we publish here will always remain free and is designed to help people you make better decisions when it comes to digital marketing...

Why is digital important for our firm?
We've heard it all before: "my target clients are older",  "they don't use the internet". In the vast majority of cases though, statements like these couldn't be further form the truth.  

Deloitte expects the smartphone penetration and usage intensity among 55-75 year olds to rise steadily over the medium term and a growing proportion (currently, about a sixth of all smartphone users in this age group) to become ‘power users’.

A well-devised digital marketing strategy will look further ahead than the next 6-12 months and into the medium term where there's no question that usage of the internet among target clientele will continue to rise. By building a strong presence online now, you can ensure that your firm is ahead of your competition in years to come...