Before Breakfast

Web Development & Digital Marketing


Before Breakfast is a design and Riso print studio based in London, creating contemporary and handcrafted stationery for everyday practical use. The brand was created by Nicki Shen in 2016 around the idea of how doing simple things before breakfast can help boost productivity. Nicki first contacted Winn-Brown & Co. after realising she needed some assistance in building her bespoke website design into a Squarespace template.

The Problem
Nicki had created her own design for the website in Photoshop which she hoped would be simple to migrate into a responsive Squarespace website. After a few hours of playing around with the system, she realised that to achieve the extremely high quality she was looking for she needed assistance. This became more apparent when she decided to integrate moving elements to the website such as a typewriter effect and animated GIFs. After agreeing on the specification, the development process was underway.

As design advocates, we understood the frustration experienced by the client while trying to create the website without assistance. That said it wasn't surprising as some of the pages (the homepage) specifically are relatively complex in their design. We wrote all of the custom code to get the website to the point it's at currently - this was comprised mainly of the styling  of elements however several new bits of functionality were added in. One example of this is the 'typewriter' effect on the homepage. Nicki felt that this was a good way of representing the link between Before Breakfast (as a company) and the Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland quote that inspired the startup: "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." As with all other components of the website, we needed to ensure that this particular feature performed flawlessly on all device sizes and after extensive testing this was complete. 

Since completing the project, Before Breakfast have already seen their first few online purchases come in. With a site that's complete, we are now consulting for Before Breakfast on digital marketing and SEO. We're sure that the public will love Before Breakfast's products as much as we do!

*Since writing this case study, we're also delighted to announce that this project has been featured on Mindsparkle Mag.

“It was a really great experience working with Winn-Brown & Co. Dylan clearly knows what he is doing, and gives advice carefully and practically. The team were very quick and responsive to our many unreasonable requests, and had a lot of patience with our project to get the best result possible.” – Nicki Shen, Founder at Before Breakfast