Web Design & Development, Digital Strategy

Nicholas Wells is a British antique dealer with showrooms in London and New York. He sells a wide variety of antiques to his expansive network of customers, ranging in value from several hundred pounds to six-figure pieces. Nick already had a website when he first contacted us but needed help turning it from a showroom to a business tool. Over the course of several months we considered what potential customers might want from an antique dealers website. These observations offered a  basis for the digital strategy we then went on to create. As part of this, the website was completely rebuilt with new features.

The Problem
From driving paid traffic to the site he built himself, Nick noticed that many potential customers were being put off buying after seeing the prices of some of his pieces. Moreover the complex nature of shipping antique items meant that running his business online as a standard commerce site was not going to work. We decided that Nick needed to refine the ‘process’  of his website so that he could filter out serious buyers from inquisitive visitors all whilst coming across as the trusted and professional dealer he is. Nick also wanted a way to capture contact information from these potential customers with the hope of initiating a conversation which in his industry can be the difference between getting or losing a potential relationship for life.

The main aim of this project was to get the contact details of serious leads. We decided that the best way of doing this would be to hide prices from all site visitors, requiring user registration to view prices. This particular strategy not only filters out visitors who aren’t truly interested (saving Nick and his team time) but also acted as a ‘magnet’ for his mailing list. Along with this we built in several new features to make the user experience as seamless and fast as possible. One example of this is the ‘live rate currency conversion’ system that detects where a user is located and then automatically converts the price of an item (set in £GBP) to the local currency of the user using live exchange rates. This is a huge time saver for both Nick and his clients, saving time and removing an unnecessary hurdle from the purchase process. We’re also proud to announce that Nicholas Wells Antiques is also the first antiques dealer in London to accept Bitcoins as a method of payment online.

Selling high-value items like antiques online is always difficult. Rethinking the role played by Nick’s website was the primary factor we considered when deciding to turn the NWA site from an ‘ecommerce’ store into a sales tool. Needless to say the results have been great! Since the launch of the Nicholas Wells Antiques site in mid-2017, Nick and his team have been able to capture the contact details of over 150 serious buyers with several of these leads purchasing from Nick.

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